Movement 1066 | December 30th, 2016 |

Movement, a collaboration between the Craftivist Network and artist Caroline Le Breton, will create a platform for some of the Hastings and Rother’s most vulnerable residents to participate in the Root 1066 contemporary arts festival. Taking the arrow as a reference to the historic past and signifier of future direction, people will make arrows and banners which communicate the things they value most in life. These will come together as an event on the Stade Open Space in early October.

Staff from the different organisations will work with Caroline to develop prototypes which can be made back at base with their clients, students or service users. On the day, groups will process from the different parts of the town carrying their arrows and banners to the seafront where the arrows will be installed to make a large piece of sculpture, representing a ‘movement’, and having affinity with a flock or murmuration of birds. Banners will dress the space. Visitors, family and friends will be invited to enjoy the installation. Organisations will have stands to promote what they do. The groups’ banners and manifesto texts will be available for visitors to take a way as a memento of the event.