HOUSE 2012 | April 18th, 2012 |

Very pleased to have been selected as one of the five artists for HOUSE 2012 curated by David Batchelor and alongside fellow St Leonards interiors artist Deb Bowness with her great curtain prints.  We met in the post office sending off our applications. Below is extract from press release for local paper.

For HOUSE 2012 I will place a large circular, brightly coloured, floral carpet, from which I have cut letters on the north Lawn of St. Peters Church Gardens, in central Brighton. The carpet is used as a stencil on the grass. Where the grass is covered by the carpet it will die back; where the lettering is cut out, the grass will continue to grow. The carpet will remain in place for the first three weeks of the festival and will then be removed, so that the cut out letters are visible spelling out the words directly on the grass and creating a drawing of the ‘inside space’ outside on the lawn.

How does your commission respond to Brighton’s landscape?

The work is developed in response to the site. The site is very large , a quiet place in the centre of a roundabout. It is very busy with cars and people rushing by with others lying around on the grass. Some are sitting, some are drinking, some are rushing past. It is an ordinary everyday kind of carpet , heavily patterned the kind of carpet you would find in an old fashioned house, a conference centre, a hotel or a pub. It is circular because the roundabout is circular . It marks a centre around which the city spins.

Does your work respond to urban, the domestic and the everyday? How?

When I think of most sculpture I think of things lying down or standing up. What I like about carpet is that it doesn’t do either. It is just a covering lying as close as possible to the earth. It marks a place where things happen, usually indoors but in this case it is representative of the indoors brought out to be in full public view.